ravel in summer is all about how to make a trip easier & smoother, not just where to go. Especially in summer days it is must to travel light & taking travel tools along is always a good idea in general but the tools should be compact & useful.

Doesn’t matter how you are traveling on a plane or by car, carrying the less make your journey more comfortable. Here are five things that will make your travel easier & won’t take up much room at all.

Flexible water bottle

Having a water bottle is a must but if it is reusable then it is great for you and for the environment. Also carrying the flexible water bottles is more than the good because those are lightweight & can hold a good amount of water when filled, after drinking you can fold the bottle & put in your pocket or in a bag. These bottles are made by carabiner metal so you can clip them onto a belt loop or backpack.

Multi-port USB wall charger

Nowadays, technology has overcome the world and we’re traveling with more and more electronics these days, everybody has their device even the kids. People are using their devices extensively & because of these devices need to be charged from time to time. That is why most of the hotels, restaurants are providing the facilities such as free Wi-Fi & complete charging solution. But while traveling a multi-port USB wall charger is a great solution for today’s tech-filled travelers. So an item which can charge multiple devices quickly is very useful.

Baby bottle travel warmer

When it comes to travel with babies & toddlers, is never easy & also challenging. It requires more planning than usual because you have to pack more items & equipment. Try to pack the most useful things which take up minimal space and have a big impact. The one thing you have to carry for toddlers is baby bottle warmer because it is difficult to warm a bottle in the traditional way while you are riding a car.

Inflatable booster seat

There is a lightweight, safe, inflatable & portable bubble gum car booster seat & it is a great option to carry for bigger kids just to keep them relax. After using this seat you need not worry during your travel anymore. It is so easy to inflate it by mouth only in 20 seconds and also easy to deflates. You can fold it and fit in a purse or bag.

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